Municipality of Amari

The area of Amari extends southeast of Rethymnon in a green fertile valley that is surrounded by the mountains Kentros, Samitos and Psiloritis. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty which is dotted with many small and picturesque villages that maintain their traditional color. In the wider area, traditional olive groves with perennial olive trees dominate. Thanks to its abundant springs ,the province is full of fruit trees: oranges, cherries, apples etc. At the same time, it is a region with a long history and important cultural sites such as the Minoan settlement of Monastiraki, Ancient Syvritos and numerous Byzantine churches. In the church of St. Anna in Amari there are some of the oldest dated frescoes in Crete!

Today the visitor has the opportunity to visit the beautiful villages, discover the interesting attractions , admire the wonderful nature of Amari through hiking trails and to experience the rich tradition of the area that is revived in the fairs and the traditional festivals of its villages.