Generally, Amari area combines important natural features and satisfies lovers of alternative tourist activities and outdoor activities. We can meet many geological formations in NATURA areas that are located in the Municipality of Amari, due to the rich relief and the formation of the area’s mountains. Mountainous Psiloritis dominates in the northeast area of the Municipality, having its ending in the north, towards Arkadi area, Kedros in its south and some other shorter mountaintops in between, areas that are included in the Natura’s 2000 protected areas network. Tree growths and bushes cover a big part of area’s mountainsides, that are considered to be one of the greenest of Crete.

There is plenty of water in this place, as a result of many rains and impermeable rocks. Small torrents pour out of the mountainsides in order to end either north, in Prassianos river where Potamon Dam lake is located today or in the south, in Platis Potamos that flows almost the whole year. In this enchanted place there is a quiet agreement between Nature and Man , where the legend is mixed with history and distant past, yesterday and today are tied in armony with the calm and the beauty of natural environment.