Ancient Syvritos

West of the village Thronos in Kefalas hill, the ancient city Syvritos was flourished in ancient times. Its privileged and fortified position of course, allowed it to control the communication between the northern and the southern part of ​​Rethymnon.

It was built on successive levels due to its sloping ground and its territory used to extend in the modern municipalities of Amari and Agios Vasilios. Its port was the ancient Soulia that was situated in the place of modern Agia Galini, on the shores of the Libyan Sea. Syvritos continued to exist even in the second Byzantine period, even up to the early years of Venetian rule.

Findings of the excavations from the area are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon. Characteristic are its silver coins,that reflect its strength during the Roman period, when it had the privilege of being an independent town.


Ancient Syvritos

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