Distance from:

Rethymnon: 37,34 Km

Hania: 98,39 Km

Heraklion: 98,19 Km

Ag. Nikolaos: 156,40 Km


Vizari is one of the oldest villages of Amari region as it is mentioned in some documents from 1577. Two kilometers west of the village, at the location Ellinika , a great basilica which used to be the cathedral of the Diocese Syvritos has been exacavated. You can visit in the vilage the Byzantine church of St. Nicholas, and of course the remains of palazzo dei Saonazzi. It is a Venetian villa where a sundial partly survives! Also a little bit out of Vizari you can see the old mill for the milling of cereals).In the village there is a workshop with traditional wooden objects from olive trees.