Distance from:

Rethymnon: 37,56 Km

Hania: 93,29 Km

Heraklion: 99,55 Km

Ag. Nikolaos: 157,76 Km


Gerakari is built at an altitude of 680 m. and it is known for its tasty cherries but also for its witness history: it is one of the villages destroyed by the Germans. The village is rich in water that comes from from springs of the mountain Kentros. Close to Gerakari, the picturesque, but almost abandoned village Gourgouthoi is located. If you come to the area, it’s worth driving to the east in order to visit the 12th-century Byzantine church of Saint John. The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture and also Gerakari cherries from the northern slopes of Mountain Kentros are famous.  (On July 20th the feast of Prophet Elias takes place and whereas important events are organized throughout the year. The village in recent years is touristically being developed with modern and traditional accommodation and dining facilities.)