Distance from:

Rethymnon: 37,62 Km

Hania: 98,68 Km

Heraklion: 98,48 Km

Ag. Nikolaos: 156,69 Km


Platania is built amphitheatrically at the foot of Psiloritis, at an altitude of 420 meters. In the center of Platania there is the church of the Assumption (14th century). However, its frescoes have been damaged enough. Also the church of St. Nicolas that is located just outside the village, is of the 14th century. The nature there is wonderful, and it is worth hiking the gorge that almost starts from the village and ends up higher on the mountain. In the location Pana there is a cave where, according to the legend, god Pan was born and there are still ancient rock paintings. Platania is the hometown of Kallirroi Siganou-Parren, who was an important Greek feminist who founded the Lyceum of Greek Women. (The village’s feast takes place on August 15th, when the Assumption is celebrated).