Platys River

Platys River is considered one of the most important Cretan rivers and one of the most important ecosystems of the area of the Municipality of Kourites. Platys River collects the stream water of southwest Psiloritis and after having traversing a long distance into the Amari valleys and Asomathianos Kampos, yet empties into the Libyan Sea and more specifically into Agia Galini. A lot of migratory birds such as herons are attracted to the mouth of the river. There is an intense riparian vegetatation around the river that includes growths of plane trees, willows, oleander, myrtles,reeds, and typical Mediterranean maquis, while a lot of Cretan flora’s species are observed on its bank such as the Cretan Frog, tree frog, aquatic turtle , water snake etc. Platys River was the wealth that helped the villages of the area to flourish in the past ( water flows almost the whole year). Today its water supply the artificial lake of village Vyzari that is used for the irrigation needs of the area.