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Ε4.39 Fourfouras – Toumbotos Prinos

Trail Vertical Alignment

Detailed Description of Trail Ε4

From Fourfouras (1), we follow the asphalt road for about 150 m, in a southerly direction.

In the beginning of an uphill dirt road (2) o our left, an information sign of the Mountaineering Club of Rethymnon (E.O.S) briefly informs us about the route towards the mountain shelter.

We turn right (south-easterly) slightly after the beginning of the unsurfaced road. We pass through thick olive groves on the slope and, having passed by a small chapel, the road splits (3); we follow its left branch for approximately 300 m, until the next crossroads (4). We then continue on its right-hand, uphill branch, among bushes and wild almond trees, for about 500 m, until we reach a drinking fountain (5), at an altitude of approximately 700 m.

Just at the right side of the fountain a path begins, which we follow in a rather south-easterly direction, between bushes and oaks.

A few metres further on we turn towards the north, cross adrywater course and begin to ascend, following the marks on the distinct path, which winds up the slope; 20 minutes after the water spring, we reach the top of the slope, at a point where low to the right a huge natural swallow hole, named Vithri (6), can be seen. We can also enjoy the view towards the village of Kouroutes.

We follow the mountain line for a while, having Vithri on our right side; once we are past it, we turn slightly left, walking along the base of a steep slope.


North-east of Vithri, at the foot of a vertical rock, up the hill, at an altitude of 1.300 m, the spring of Aplytra (7)is to be found.

10 minutes after Vithri, and having entered the oak zone, we reach a small gorge formed by a stream, and continue to climb the steep slope, towards the east, through rocky sections.

Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the spring, following the path which has relatively frequent markings, we arrive at the top of the slope (8). There, a fairly even landscape full of oaks, among which the path meanders in a clearly easterly direction, opens up. After another 40 minutes, approximately, we arrive at the Mountain Shelter of E.O.S. Rethymnou (9), at an altitude of 1.500 m.

The whole route from Fourfouras takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes. In the section of the route from the beginning of the path -water spring at 700 m- until the shelter, the E4 signs are sufficient and the yellow andblack markings on the rocks are relatively frequent

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Additional Info

Route length 7,5 km
Duration 3 hours & 45 minutes
Suggested period All year round
Difficulty level The section FourfourAs – mountain shelter is fairly difficult
Marker’s type E4 (black and yellow marks)
Location Amari, Rethymno