Patsos gorge

The impressive, verdant gorge of Patsos is located in the northwestern part of the municipality of Amari. A small river crosses this beautiful canyon . Its length reaches the two kilometers while you will need two hours to traverse it and return. The height difference between its highest point and the entrance reaches the 240 meters.

The gorge has been exploited by the forest service. In its interior you will find configured rest areas and bird observatory. Gorge’s high walls, plane trees , the lush vegetation that grows on the riverbed, and the church of St. Anthony which is built inside a cave, impress the visitors.

Next to the church was the altar of the outdoor sanctuary where Kraneos Ermis, the patron saint of shepherds, forests and nature fertility used to be worshiped in ancient times. The religious worship continues nowadays in honor of Saint Anthony, thus you will see many offerings (oblations) to the Saint in this location.


Patsos gorge

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