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Ε4.40 Toumpotos Prinos – Timios Stavros

Trail Vertical Alignment

Detailed Description of Trail Ε4

Right behind the Mountain Shelter of E.O.S. Rethymnou, one can see the characteristic oak tree named Toumbotos Prinos, on the left side of which begins a path (1) that goes up to the mountain top.

The route is constantly uphill, on a clear path, and maintains a visual contact with the saddle between the peaks of Agathias, to the east, and of Timios Stavros (the Holy Cross), to the west, at almost all times. For approximately 45 minutes we climb parallel to a dry water course, until we encounter a small cavern (2) on our right-hand side; at this point, the view of the whole south part of the Prefecture of Rethymnon is breathtaking.

Immediately after the cavern we continue eastwards and pass through a small flat area covered with scrub. From the foot of a rocky slope (3) we turn northwards, constantly following the distinct and well-marked path, which goes along the south-western slope of Agathias; we continue until the saddle (4), where we arrive after approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes, in total.

(From this point, a large view of northern Crete, as well as of the Cretan Sea, opens up ahead of us.)

Following the mountain line to our left, in 20 minutes we reach the summit of Timios Stavros (5), the highest peak of Psiloritis and of all Crete, with an altitude of 2.456 m.

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Additional Info

Route length 4 km
Duration 3 hours & 30 minutes
Suggested period April-October
Difficulty level Hiking at high altitudes, in a bare landscape without any shade
Marker’s type E4 (red marks and stone cairns)
Location Amari, Rethymno