We can find almost every species of the 1.624 self-seeded ones of Crete in the wider area of the Municipality of Amari such as ditanny, hypericum, malotira, bugloss or alkanet, campanula, cyclamen, Cretan Kefalanthiro etc.

Endemic plants are unevenly distributed and are usually located in gorges and isolated regions. Some of them are very rare or are in danger such as Horstrissea dolinicola, geophyte, and the Astragalus idaeus.

Most endemic plants are chasmophytes, that are plants that grow in the crevices of rocks and cliffs where humans and herbivores can’t affect them. The Origanum dictamnus, Petromarula pinnata, staehelina petiolata, Eryngium ternatum, Hypericum jovis, are some of the endemic chasmophytes that are widely known in Psiloritis.