Mountain Kedros – Gorge of Prasses

The wider area consists mainly of the mountain of Kedros (peak 1.776 m.), the wider area of Patsos, the Potamon Dam lake and also Prassiano gorge. The geological substratum of the mountainous areas of Kedros consists mainly of limenstone where as mountain’s vegetation is characterised by low, arid shrubs and phrygana, with a lack of trees. Small gorges and rocky canyons are characteristic of the landscape and create ideal conditions for the nesting of big birds of pray such as Gyps fulvus and Hieraaetus fasciatus that nest in mountain Kedros, where there are traces for the existence of the rare Gypaetus barbatus.Also, Dianthus pulviniformis and Cerastium brachypetalum ssp. Doerfleri are two rare plant species and endemic of the region.

The area of Potamon Dam lake includes the gorge of Prasses (Prassiano) and Patsos and it is surrounded by hills and low mounains. The vertical slopes of the two gorges host a large number of plants, mainly chasmophytes, such as dittany . Moreover, it is also an important location for the reproduction of birds of pray such as lammergeiers (Gyps fulvus) which maintain a small colony in the area. The gorge of Prasses and the surrounding area have been recognized as a very good biotope for the reptiles, too. The avifauna of the region is also important for many migratory species, especially to charadriiformes, herons and passerines.


Mountain Kedros – Gorge of Prasses

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