Sheep shearings in Psiloritis

Visitors that will be in the mountainous area of Amari after the end of May can enjoy a traditional collaborative activity that becomes from a productive to an entertainment event . It’s about the sheep shearing that takes the form of a traditional feast and takes place in family mitata .

   It’s a process with deep roots in time and as Nikos Psilakis refers «in fact , it’s about family gatherings that function with their own customary rites and maintain the charm of the primitive ritual . Work is predefined . The ” paratiritimata ” and superstitions manage to survive and older people use the ” omoplatoskopia ” to learn about the future .

The host has only one obligation to all those who are invited to help (or just watch ): The hospitality that should be rich ! He ensures that there is plenty of wine and raki , he slaughters lambs and lights fires to sweker . The pieces of meat are placed in a circle around the fire and braised for hours …

Spring in Psiloritis can mean color and light. However, these gatherings give their own color and their own charm to the big mountain . Even today someone can see the shepherd caressing the freshly-sheared sheep of his herd that seem pure white in amberjack light, and can be heard up to invite the unknown passerby to share with him the joy of the feast !»