The folkloristic interesting elements of Psiloritis are an important part of its tourism potential. The mountain areas of Psiloritis have accumulated, folkloristic riches with great timelessness and multiculturalism in a potential context of contemporary social and natural environment. The customs and traditions, the creations of the language, cultural events, folk art in all its expressions, the dances , the music and generally the traditions of the people of Psiloritis are important elements of the Cretan culture. The contribution of these folkloristic interest to the tourist development of the region can be very important if it is based on their temperate and mild recovery.

The ethnographic interests of the inhabitants of the region consist of varied interests, which affect the whole of the terms of the Cretan people, and characterize it as a special cultural beings in the Mediterranean region. Then, briefly mentioned and bewertet- in light of their possible contribution to attempt a mild tourist development- which looked as areas of interest for the modern visitor who learn according to a know the truth of Psiloritis investigated.